Romanioudakis Photography

Christos Romanioudakis

Hotel Photography Production since 2004.

Born and raised in the captivating city of Rethymnon , my everyday life was filled with colors . Being a quiet child , in a colorful city ,I learned to speak via photography and in every picture I took I spoke of the story I failed to put into words.
Photography for me is not just a set of images capturing the scene but a journey into a marvelous world of emotions .
It is the power to capture passion, love and excitement and the beauty and energy of the moment .Photography is the art of observation in a journey behind the scenes.

And what greater journey to capture than architecture itself, where the building becomes a kind of sundial ,while you wait for a shadow to crawl away from a detail that you want .Through a click, you can mirror the essence and depth of the space as the structure reveals itself in a specific way.

Within a picture that speaks prefecture in technique you can see the experience, that will stimulate your fantasy into a different concept of living .


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